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We would like you to discover
PAIN FREE WAXING SYSTEM by Bio Jouvance Paris!

Antiseptic properties of horsetail, healing magic of silver birch, detoxifying extracts of lemon oil and redness reducing extract of peppermint are combined to make waxing with Bio Jouvance Paris pain free waxing products a painless and soothing experience.These natural ingredients are used in our unique depilatory line developed exclusively in Italy. Bio Jouvance Paris wax reduces the pain of waxing, effectively slows hair growth, prevents ingrown hair and improves blood circulation.

Brows Shaping – Enhancing          $25

Lip                                                   $15

Chin                                                 $15

Under Arm                                      $25

Back                                                $50

Chest                                               $50

Full Arms                                         $55

Full Leg                                           $75

Half Leg                                          $45

Abdomen                                         $20

Bikini                                               $45

Brazilian Bikini                               $75


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